Heya, Streamers and Content-Creators,

I'm Dex, known as vektorDex on Twitch and run this platform. I've always been annoyed that every and any service aimed at streamers is made to treat them as their piggy banks. So in a vouch to do the right thing, I bought this domain and created this free service for you.

Westream.at (we stream at or @) with a username at the end is a very sexy way to combine all your social links in one nice page, with active development and personal love. After almost 7 years as a streamer and content creator, I decided its time to start up a little new thing, and maybe you'd like it too. WeStream.at is 100% free, no cookies, no access tracking, no PRO Plans for a subscription. The only thing I am asking for and am adding to each subpage is a bottom bar with the WeStream Logo, linking to my Ko-Fi. Check out the many people already use WeStream.at at the User List and maybe discover another new cool content creator.

I currently support the following platforms: